Join a world of adventure!

The Kingdoms supports all platforms! Whether you’re on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, Mobile or Java you can join in on the fun!

The Kingdoms at its core is a towny server! Join already established towns to raise a nation or create your own!

Just like the real world – The Kingdoms has a season cycle! During winter water bodies will freeze over, Springtime will bring rain, Summer will bring longer days and more sunlight, allowing crops to grow faster. Autumn will bring shorter days and longer nights so make sure you can defend yourself!

MCMMO brings a whole new levelling system to actions like mining, sword-fighting and farming. The more you do it the better you become!

The Kingdoms features levelled mobs for more depth and variety when exploring. The further down you go – the more dangerous it gets!

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The Kingdoms MC Staff Team

The people that keep our kingdom running

Niall (atlas)


Matt (Xinthite)


Craig (Nofoez)


Ashe (Arrinen)


Philly (???)


Heather (QueenH)


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